Ma Ri ning(CEO)

Mr. Ma suning is a famous venture capitalist and high-tech entrepreneur both at home and abroad. In his early years, he had successful experience in business and abroad, and in 2013 he founded the international investment company of Rio tinto as chairman.

YanBingGuang (COO)

Mr YanBingGuang is China electronic commerce association, deputy director of the social economic promotion center service domestic many entrepreneurial teams, marketing focus on scene, in high-growth enterprise investment and management has a wealth of experience.

Chen Weizhong (CMO)

Mr Chan is in charge of overseas operations management and overseas customer service. I have been engaged in overseas business investigation and negotiation, and have been engaged in overseas Chinese affairs affairs for over a decade. I have made great contributions to the immigration projects in many countries.

Wu Sai Bing(CTO)

Mr. Wusaibing is responsible for the research and development of platform technology and technical innovation. I worked for a well-known company, responsible for product architecture management. Focusing on the research and development of technology for more than 20 years, have participated in the technical framework of national key information platform and research and development management.

Zhou guoping (CLO)

When Mr Zhou guoping is guangdong law firm partner, went to the United States set up a legal business service center in China, who are familiar with international commercial laws, once several legal adviser of listed companies, as Rio tinto investment group chief legal officer.

All RongQing (CHO)

Mr. Rong qingquan is responsible for the work of human resources department. Having been engaged in administrative management for more than 20 years, the armed police force has been studying the highly effective and practical human resource management system from the strategic height.