Chinese world

Founded in October 2013, the Chinese people are one of the leading Internet value-added service providers in China. Since its inception, the Chinese all over the world has always been adhering to the "all to follow the user value" business philosophy, to do huge amounts of overseas Chinese users with stable quality of service, always in a state of steady development

In order to cooperate with the great rejuvenation strategy of the state (" Internet + "and One Belt And One Road), it is the mission of the chinese-world network to improve the quality of life of overseas Chinese through Internet service. At present, the Chinese web site "connects all overseas Chinese" as the strategic target, and provides two core services of social platform and digital content. Through the mobile terminal S2C platform and the PC terminal service supermarket and other leading online platforms, meet the needs of overseas Chinese Internet users in communication, information and finance. As of August 2017, the number of monthly active accounts in the Chinese world network reached 2 million, with the highest number of online accounts reaching 1.3 million. The development of Chinese Internet has greatly influenced and changed the way of communication and living habits of tens of thousands of overseas Chinese, and has created a broader application prospect for the Chinese Internet industry in China.

Facing the future, we insist on independent innovation, and establish the national brand is the long-term development plan of the Chinese world network. At present, the Chinese more than 50% of the staff of the network for research and development personnel, with independent research and development system in storage technology, data mining, multimedia, Chinese language processing, distributed network five direction has a strong foundation.

Becoming the most respected overseas Chinese Internet enterprise is the vision target of the Chinese world network. We have been actively involved in the public welfare undertakings of the ethnic group, and we have made efforts to assume corporate social responsibility and promote Internet civilization. We should advocate corporate citizenship and promote social harmony and progress. Chinese all over the world network of every product and business to embrace public welfare, united front, the open Internet, and advocate all enterprise together, through the use of the Internet technology, transmission advantages, create a new ecology of Chinese Internet.