Degree of technology

Degree of the development of science and technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., founded in 2013, belongs to the shenzhen billiton international investment co., LTD., mainly engaged in intelligent products (including wear smart products), smart home and security management systems, automation management system of research and development production, etc.

The smart home project of the science and technology is a set of practical products that can be intelligently and systematically interacted and fully intelligent, which can realize the automatic smart home system of "0 manual operation".

Company has a complete intelligent home solutions and supporting services, including after-sales service, technical support, service to the ground, let users enjoy the comfortable convenience brought about by the intelligent home in the life is the real meaning of smart home. To sum up, it is not hard to see that systematized smart home has its inherent advantages, which is unmatched by single product. With the continuous progress of the industry, the individual products will eventually disappear, and the systematic development strategy will truly reassure consumers.